MTM SGS-28 Swiveling High Pressure Spray Gun - PRE-ORDER

Obsessed Garage

This SGS-28 was manufactured to my specifications in Italy with direction by Veloci Performance, the US representatives for MTM.  It has full stainless internals, an integrated stainless steel swivel, and a linear (easy) pull trigger.  It is rated to 4,060PSI.  It is $45 less expensive than the Mosmatic gun but is still very valid solution for those that may be looking for a happy medium between the best and a non-swiveling gun.  This is a little lighter and slightly smaller than the Mosmatic.

You have buying options:

  • Spray Gun Only
  • Added Quick Disconnects on Gun Inlet & Outlet
    • 3/8" MTM Stainless Male Plug
    • 1/4" MTM Stainless Male Coupler
  • Added Quick Disconnects to connect to your pressure washer hose.
    • 3/8" MTM Stainless Female Coupler
    • M22 to 3/8" MTM Twist and Plug
  • Added Adapter if you have a pressure washer hose the is M22 15mm instead of the normal 14mm standard connection

*Wand, Nozzle, and other QDs sold separately.

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